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Nb First Name Last Name What role do you play in creating products that customers love? What would you like to learn at this conference? What do you plan to share at this conference?
1 Deborah Preuss, CPCC I support people leading the way to better teams and products. As a certified Co-active Coach, I work internationally on the phone; as an Open Space facilitator & trainer I am privileged to work in-person with those eager to collaborate and improve! Being a change agent can be lonely work: who wants my support to keep moving forward? I'd love to help. As your Open Space facilitator, I'll be in the background, but you can observe how I create and hold the container for self organization, and be amazed at what passionate, self-motivated people will do and create!
2 Steve Holyer I coach and train Product Owners and Creators to create products customers love. New ways to succeed as a product owner in Swiss business. Enthusiasm, the Agile Fluency Model, a masterclass.
3 Samantha Laing Ideator. Creator. Marketer. New techniques for product market fit Our lessons learnt in product creation
4 Karen Greaves Ideator.creator.marketer. New ideas for product creation Our lessons from product ideation
5 Peter Stevens I create all products for my customers Improve my skills with Lean Startup My experience to date with Scrum and Lean Startup
6 Romain Zanolla I'm a dedicated Product Owner How can we optimize alignment with Product Management My personal best practise and tips to be successful
7 Yves Bertrand As a Product Owner I'm the "translator" between the team and the stakeholders Doing scrum (opposite to Learn scrum) My questions
8 Nicolas Jene Product Owner Shapren my senses for creating a perfect new strategy for my own company ideas, visions, emotions, enthusiasm
9 Geoffrey Etwein Product Owner Many things Our experience about ScrumBan and offshore
10 Mattias Martinelli I'm a Product Owner with focus on Analytics How to bring Agile in the public sector My experience with Business Intelligence
11 Peter Heimann Chief Product Owner and Product Manager Ideas and solutions for smoother product creation in our fixed-contract environment. My experience as a PO, CPO and Product Manager.
12 Fredi Schmidli I am an entrepreneur, business angel and Lean Innovation Trainer and Coach To meet other people who want to build successful products in half the time at half the cost The integration of Scrum and Lean Innovation Framework
13 Martin Mikus Product Owner Best practice & experience from PO Real-life. How to deal with specific situations in scrum loop. How to motivate customers for giving feedback. Own experience
14 Nagy Pavol Product owner who cares about customer input and stakeholders satisfaction. How to choose right stakeholders, manage and keep them engaged. How to motivate customers to get their feedback often. Say no to features which are not MVP/negotiate real MVP with internal stakeholders. Tips for virtual teams. My experience as PMP who transitioned to Agile PO role 3 years ago. How is project management linked to agile. Importance of roadmaps and proper project communication. Experience with virtual teams.
15 Hyde Véronique Project Manager / Product Owner How to run a fixed time project with a SCRUM approach Experiences on project.
16 Eperon Julien Consultant/Technical leader/Scrum master Deliver a fixed time/fixed price project with agile. My own experience on current and past projects
17 Baumeler Marco I'm scrum master / technical lead developper How to switch to scrum from a more traditional way of doing projects. Specially fixed price projects My experience of pseudo applying scrum.
18 Salimi Sohrab As CIO of our company I am in charge of overseeing our portfolio of solutions (both products and services) for our clients. In addition I work with a number of clients on making their teams and companies more agile – with a particular focus on Product Ownership. I am looking forward to sharing experiences with fellow Product Owners and getting their tipps & tricks on how to develop various types of products - not only software - in an agile work. In addition I am very much interested in learning their approach of scaling the role of the PO. I plan to share my own experiences as a PO and coach with others.
19 Pierucci Piero Product Owner Building a great product Real field experience in a large organization
20 Nüesch Erich As the responsible PO for around 12 SW developers within a multi-discipline industrial project, I care for transforming customer wishes into the product and add the piece of innovation and usability, that makes our product better than the ones of our competitors. Listen to project experience on the interface between "Agile" and "Waterfall" ; Interchange with other well experienced PO's ; Get some additional know-how on working agile in multi-discipline projects (SW, HW, Construction) Interchange with other well experienced PO's; Working agile in multi-discipline projects ; Experience with distributed teams
21 Kuchta Piotr Transition Project Manager / Agile Coach / Scrum Master Gather new ideas and inspiration to better demonstrate value and benefits of becoming agile in banking sector; Retrospective view on what the team has achieved so far with implementing and solidifying lean thinking in software development domain within banking industry;
24 Meier Stefan I'm working as an agile business analyst and I love transforming projects from a "Waterfall" way of work into a more agile way of working while doing sprints, story boards and collaborating across different roles. Who others interpret the role of a business analyst in an agile team. Learning about applying different methods and techniques for capturing requirements while reducing waste and other "not needed anymore" stuff ;-) How to combine use cases with user stories in an enhancement project and the pitfalls we were facing
25 Wasitova Silvana Agile Coach, helping my clients to more effectively attain their goals Expanding horizons for other ways to help my clients Experiences from my 10 years of working in agile ways
26 Goelzer Luis Product Owner The real world issues described in the course summary. Discuss use of BDD methodology Discuss use of BDD methodology
27 Berset Daniel Product & Project Manager Help me applying best practices so that I can improve efficiency in agility in a pragmatic way Experience
28 Decandia Giuseppe Feasibility analysis, release planning How other people manage to commit Stakeholders Communication and documentation model we used. Techniques for envolving stakeholders into reviews.

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