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Apero Sponsor

Your sponsoring enables the participants to network and have an unforgettable after-dinner experience! Each participant will get a token for 2 drinks and you will cover the tab.

Your benefits:

  • Recognition as a Silver Partner on
  • Max. 3 minutes of speaking time during the Apero.
  • Inclusion in social media  (i.e. twitter)
  • Thank you during the conference opening

Budget: CHF 1’800.–

Any unused funds will be returned to you after the conference.



Want to feature this event in your publication on or offline, before or after the fact? Let’s talk further!

Bring Participants

What if they held a conference and nobody came? Your engagement helps brings passionate participants and ensures a successful event!

Your benefits:

  • Recognition as a Silver or Gold Partner on
  • Entries to the conference (Single room, board and daily fees, for both days) for you, your staff or your customers! (see POcampCH, 1 Entry, Single Room for details)
  • Thank-you during the conference opening
  • Inclusion in social media  (i.e. twitter)


  • Silver: 5 Participants for CHF 1’849.–
  • Gold: 10 Participants for CHF 3’503.–
  • Note: does not include admission to or lodging for the Master Class



How it works

2 Silver Partnership = 1 Gold Partnership. Sponsor 2 items at the Silver Level and be recognized as a Gold Partner!

Your contracting partner will be Saat Network GmbH, 6304 Zug Switzerland. All prices exclude VAT. Your sponsorship becomes active on receipt of payment. Fees are not refundable except as specified.


Why sponsor POcampCH?

Predicted Number of participants: 40 to 80.

The Product Owner Camp is an “Open Space” or unconference conference. It is modeled on the successful 2014 Scrum Coaches in Camp in London. It is focused on experienced Product Owners and Product Managers, and open to anyone involved in the creation process in their organisations.

POcampCH will feature a Product Owner Master Class at the same venue, one day before the event.

What makes open space events special is that it attracts people who are passionate about the topic at hand. The attendees are not passive spectators, but energized sources know-how and and interesting, passionate discussions. An open space event represents a unique opportunity to network with passionate, qualified individuals.